Remembrance Homecoming for General Guy Laroche

Remembrance Homecoming for General Guy Laroche

The launch of activities for Remembrance week that started Sunday in Beauport saw the homecoming of former General Guy Laroche, who has been working for nearly two years as deputy of Public Safety Quebec after a 32-year career in the Canadian Forces.

The army has and will always keep a place in his heart. We always have to think about the sacrifices that soldiers and their families make, especially for him who lost 17 of them in Afghanistan.

Only a few months after being promoted to Major General in the summer of 2010, Guy Laroche decided to take on a new challenge by becoming Deputy associated with the Civil Security and Fire Department of Public Safety as well as government coordinator of the Quebec civil security organization.

Guy Laroche has always been an operations guy and as Major General, his tasks were less in touch with operations. He received the offer from the Quebec Government and accepted. He needed new challenges. The fact that his family was in Quebec also affected his decision.

When a major disaster occurs it is Mr. Laroche who coordinates all departments and agencies. This is an important position because disasters can happen anytime.


He joined the Canadian Forces at the age of 17-years old and was well prepared for his new position with the impressive experience acquired in his 32-years military career during which he held many positions at operational and strategic levels.
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