Removing the Écolobus is bad news for some

Removing the Écolobus is bad news for some

“This is very bad news,” said Sylvie Goulet, Friday last week, on seeing the last Écolobus leave the streets of Old Quebec.

By Saturday morning, the eight electric minibuses of RTC will remain warm in their garage.

There are now the more conventional diesel buses serving Old Quebec patrons and tourists.

Apart from the costs associated with the maintenance of Écolobus, the lack of space – up to 21 people – was also a problem according to some users. However, for Ms. Goulet, the smaller aspect of the Écolobus was one of its most charming features.

“It’s a shame, because I thought that was a really personalized service; it was fun and intimate,” says one who was travelling on the electric minibus from home to work twice a day in winter.

“In the summer, it was hard, there were too many tourists,” admits Ms. Goulet. “But in general, I will miss the drivers, we talked, we shared stories. We were close in the bus, it is very small, it also created friendships with other users. I know there will be another bus, but it will be much larger. The atmosphere will not be the same, and it bothers me a lot.”

For Yannick Despins, it is wrong to say that Écolobus were always being repaired due to mechanical problems. “Personally, it happened to me only once since they have been on the streets here [June 2008]. There are people who may have been unlucky.

“It was a very interesting means of transportation outside the tourist season. The fact that it was electric, no noise, no pollution, I found it very interesting, “says Despins. “The problem was especially in the summer, there were too many people. The Écolobus was too small to meet the demand. ”

As of last Saturday, some stops are now not being served: René-Lévesque / Jean-Jacques Bertrand, René Jalbert / Jean-Jacques Bertrand and Holy Family / Buade. Stopping D’Youville / Saint-Joachim is temporarily moved to the intersection St. John / Honoré-Mercier.

All aboard. or not, as the case may be.

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