Rémy Martin Jeroboam Arrives in Quebec City

Rémy Martin Jeroboam Arrives in Quebec City

RemyMartinCognac_QuebecCity_ServeuseRémy Martin chooses Quebec City to offer a very special Cognac to the North American Continent.

By Job Patstone

The famous French Distillery unveiled their latest offering from their fine family of Cognacs, the ‘Louis  XIII – Le Jéroboam’ to North America at the charming Maurice Nightclub on Grande Allée, June 5th, 2012.

The unveiling was an afternoon event followed by a tasting (dégustation) and sampling of the 100 year old Cognac followed with some delicious hors d’oeuvres.

In attendance for the presentation were M.Denis Pelletier, owner of the Maurice Complexe, M. Morgan de Prémorel, International Ambassador for the Louis XIII line of cognacs, and several representatives from Select Wines, the company who represents Rémy Martin in Canada.

The Louis XIII – Le Jéroboam is the most refined cognac of the Louis XIII family and has not been available in Canada or United States up until now, offering a new and special taste to a new and special market. Rémy Martin already markets several cognacs in North America such as the better known, VS, VSOP, and XO brands which people are more familiar with. This specific blend however will not yet be available in stores, as it is a one-off jéroboam bottle which can be sampled only at The Maurice Nightclub here in Quebec City. A jéroboam refers to the bottle containing 3 litres of spirits.

It was mentioned in the presentation that Rémy Martin only uses grapes from the most respected growing regions – the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne in the heart of the Cognac region of France, which is why it is sometimes referred to as “the Heart of Cognacs”, or the “Champagne of Cognacs”. These regions contain a rare type of chalk-flecked soil that reflects light and ripens the grapes to complete perfection.

The product presented in Quebec City this week comes from the traditional Louis XIII family of Cognacs inherited and cultivated through the centuries going back as far as 1724. The Louis XIII line is referred to as the “King of Cognacs”. All Rémy Martin distilled products and their particular tastes are protected by French law.

The only bottle of Louis XIII- Le Jéroboam, delivered to North America was shipped here in a special crate.

M. Morgan de Prémorel applauding a proud M. Denis Pelletier after having just pulled the cork to open the special jéroboam bottle.

M. Morgan de Prémorel applauding a proud M. Denis Pelletier after having just pulled the cork to open the special jéroboam bottle.

The presentation having taken place in Quebec City added a special atmosphere to the ceremony as the French culture played an important role in the proceedings, adding a “je ne sais quoi” touch to the ceremony, but the French factor alone was not the only reason that this particular nightclub was chosen. The Rémy Martin marketing team preferred this location over others because of the unique style and history of the building itself and even the owner M. Denis Pelletier was not aware of the decision until receiving a phone call from the Rémy Martin marketing team.

To partake in a glass of Cognac from this bottle, distilled from grapes which were picked in 1912, one must first come to Maurice’s place and then expect to pay $150.00 an ounce. Word has it that it is apparently appreciated even more while smoking a good cigar, which is why Denis keeps it in his Cigar Society room.

While speaking to Select Wines National Director for Canada, Mr. Trace Hanlon, it was evident that the fact that the jéroboam was destined to Canada and not the United States was a very positive strategy for the company and will hopefully increase the desire for people to drink Cognac in this country, as it is already a very popular product in China and Russia.

RemyMartinCognac_QuebecCity_PipetteThe cognac is extracted from the bottle through a special ‘pipette’ which can only be used for this bottle and this blend, and only in this establishment.

For the “dégustation” Monsieur de Prémorel proposed a toast to all who were present, to Rémy Martin, and to all the future clients who will have the opportunity to sample a taste of France’s best cognac.

What was more important during the tasting of this distinctive cognac was not only the unique flavour, but the procedure itself. Yours truly participated at the tasting and we were under strict orders to follow the method laid out for us by M. de Prémol who talked us through it step by step. First and foremost one must only take a small sip, hold it on their tongue and then swash it around in their mouth for about 20 seconds. Next, you swallow and wait another 30 seconds before taking the second sip to compliment the first. The thirty second wait between the two is to allow your mouth and taste buds to become accustomed to the specific tang caused by the first drink. Once the mouth is warmed up and prepared, the second nip goes down like velvet. After that, you’re on your own.

To learn more about Rémy Martin products consult http://www.remymartin.com.

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