Renovations at Galeries de la Capitale Hurting Merchants

Renovations at Galeries de la Capitale Hurting Merchants

Quebec City (Quebec) 22 February 2015 – Times are tough for many businesses at the Galeries de la Capitale.  Many businesses are reporting a significant drop in foot traffic, which they attribute in part to the mall’s recent modernisation work. Some have even been forced to close down.

The manager at La Cabine T has seen a significant decrease in customers since the main door of the mall was closed off, while the Point Zero shop has been placed under the protection of the Bankruptcy Act and closed Wednesday, according to the Galeries de la Capitale. Terra Nostra will also reportedly close at the end of March.

The Galeries says these renovations are absolutely necessary towards making the mall a more modern shopping center, but some people have complained about the temporary wooden walkways necessary for repairs to the floor. Employees, managers, and owners of the various stores and boutiques have had difficulty even getting shoppers to understand their stores are open, let alone get customers into their stores.

Although the Galeries admits that the work may have an impact on foot traffic, administration believes that a combination of factors are to blame, including the economic reality of the city and the extreme cold of the season.

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