RENT in Quebec City

RENT in Quebec City

Quebec, January, 2018 – On the 19th of January at 7:30 p.m. and the 20th at both 2:30 and 7:30 p.m., the As de Choeur Theatre Company invites you into the heart of the world of artists and free-thinkers with its English-language production of the musical RENT.

Following the original libretto and score further enhanced by the orchestrations of Jean-Philippe Côté the cast of 17 up-and-coming actors and singers will be performing at the Centre Mgr Marcoux (1185 Chemin de la Canardière, Quebec City, QC G1J 2E5).

Since its creation in 1994, RENT has rapidly become one of the must-sees of the musical comedy repertory, having been performed by professional, amateur and student groups. RENT is both a crowd-pleaser and a work of critical esteem. As such, it attracts audiences of all ages and origins, as much for the beauty of its melodies and the universality of its themes, as for the messages of humanity and truth which have once again become so pertinent in today’s troubled times.

The story of RENT follows a year in the life of a group of young artists struggling to survive in the Lower East Side of New York. It is under the observation of Mark, an aspiring film maker that these young people fight for their ideals of love and liberty: Roger is attempting to compose a song which will bring him some measure of fame before he succumbs to AIDS. Getting close to him gives Mimi a dancer and drug addict new hope for a better life. Tom and Angell experience love at first sight and the promise of a pure devotion until death separates them. For Maureen and Joanne, love seems to come and go with the seasons.

How to love?
How to find one’s voice?
How to live one day at a time in a city that offers so many possibilities?

For information, please contact Marie-Claude Talbot

Vice-president and Producer


Additional information

A few statistics on the production

– 3 performances of this hit musical comedy in the original English after 9 full months of rehearsal

– 17 actors/singers/dancers on stage to give sweeping grand scale to the performances

– Live music for a unique experience worthy of Broadway

– A team of Creators recognized for their originality and their atypical treatment of physical space

– Innovative staging, both humorous and touching

A few statistics on the As de Choeur Company

– On stage since 2015, member of the Quebec Federation of Amateur Theatre

– A dynamic troupe composed of over 40 members of all ages and backgrounds

– With both spoken plays and musical comedies in both English and French, we have virtually no limits!

– A faithful and growing audience. In 2017 our fourteen performances drew more than 700 spectators.



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