Reoccurring Floods on Chemin St. Louis

Reoccurring Floods on Chemin St. Louis

Quebec City (Quebec) Deceber 13, 2014 – A major problem of flooding and drainage concerns many residents of Chemin Saint-Louis.

Heavy rains, broken pipes, and clogged drainage grates frequently cause a water to overflow in the streets and on private property of the Village St-Louis, sowing and anxiety among residents. A petition was filed on December 8, at a meeting of the Borough of Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge, to counter this problem.

“Without the rapid intervention of the co-owners to clear sewer grates Chemin St. Louis, and the gate of our park, the threat of flooding of our residences becomes imminent. We are worried because no one is ‘on call’ during evenings to find the problem, and more during the day at work,” says the chairman of the Board of Directors of Condominium Village St. Louis, Yvon Duval.

The renovations of Chemin St. Louis in 2010 have only increased the condominium flood risk and the problem continues today during heavy rains.

Abundance of waters also pose a threat to the safety of motorists, since St. Louis becomes thereby flooded, creating a significant risk of aquaplaning for people who use this road, “our actions are not sufficient to counter this high-risk threat,” said Mr. Duval.

Although intervention measures taken by the co-owners, the situation is not reassuring: “We have developed an action plan […]. However, the speed with which the flood waters arrived on our doorstep ensures that we consider these measures insufficient since we must act before the arrival of emergency crews at the scene,” he adds.

The petition, filed by the Board of Directors Condominium Village St. Louis, wants to resonate with the division of public works to rounding. The documents, filed on December 8, will be analyzed in the coming months.

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