Repentigny municipal worker suing the municipality for racism

Repentigny municipal worker suing the municipality for racism

REPENTIGNY – A former blue collar employee of the City of Repentigny, a small bedroom community east of Montreal, is suing the municipality and the Canadian Union of Public workers, local section 961 for racism in the amount of $ 440,000.

He filed his lawsuit document on Friday Sept. 26 2013 at the Joliette courthouse, through his lawyer. Stéphane Turgeon worked as a blue collar for Repentigny from 2003 to 2010.

He stated that on his first day of work, he heard derogatory comments about himself. “It started when I had just gone through the door to the office, I heard in the room: ‘Oh no, not a Negro!’ (negre in French).

He argues that some employees and even the president of the union at the time also used the term “negro”, in front of the bosses, who said nothing.

According to him, only one person in management tried to stop this kind of comment, but silence then prevailed “because people tend to protect one another there.”(Meaning the city).

He would have liked to be defended by his union that’s supposed to represent him, but because the union representative was the source of insults, it was difficult for Turgeon to find support.

Mr. Turgeon, being personally involved, says the atmosphere in the City of Repentigny is unhealthy in general and that harassment and racism are present everywhere, “against the people we do not want, or people that we just want to eliminate”. (In his words)

The union representative has denied the allegations.

According to the Lawyer for the prosecution, “a civil case like this will probably go to court and the trial could last several years.”

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