Rescue drill sets house on fire

Rescue drill sets house on fire

Quebec City (Quebec) 7 October 2014 – Last September in Loretteville, a standard safety drill to practice the rescue of victims stranded on the St. Charles River, went drastically wrong for the Quebec City firefighters involved.

The drill required setting off flares in order to illuminate the rescue area to create better visibility for the rescue team, unfortunately one of the flares that was ignited somehow took off and landed on a house nearby causing the roof to catch fire.

According to the owner of the house the runaway flare started a fire on her roof which before the fire department arrived had already pierced a hole through the shingles. The fire trucks were on the scene within minutes and everything was under control very quickly. It was an accident that was an embarrassment for the department but, they are accepting the blame and the whole incident is being processed by the city to allocate the appropriate indemnities.

The owner of the house is naturally upset but, her biggest complaint is the amount of time it took for her to be directed to the right people in order to claim the damages caused by the fire. To claim damages from the city a resident has 15 days to take action in order to have the city pay for any damage caused by them. It had been 8 days since the incident took place and the owner still had no news, so she took it upon herself to bring the media on board to attract attention to the affair.

The matter is being looked into by the city of Lorettville and normally things should roll smoothly from here on out. The owner only wants to be reimbursed for the damages.

The fire department has stopped using the type of flare involved in the incident for the time being in order to verify if there was not a defect with that particular flare or if all the flares of that type need special handling.

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