Research money refused by l’UQAR

Research money refused by l’UQAR

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 November, 2014 – TransCanada pipeline made an offer to the Université de Québec à Rimouski (UQAR) last fall to inject some money into the university’s research division, l’Institut des sciences de la mer (L’ISMER), but the institute has for now, refused the gift.

The research department of the university, that studies the St Lawrence estuary, had to refuse the donation, which has no strings attached, mostly because of pressure from the local media and opponents of the pipeline.

For not wanting to look like it was a buyout for the acceptance of the pipeline running into their region the professors and the directors of the university decided to halt the discussions concerning the payment.

Environmentalists and most people in the area are against the proposed pipeline which would load supertankers at the port of Cacouna in the Gaspé Peninsula.

A recent survey, although scant, showed 71% of the citizens around Rimouski and Cacouna were not in favour of the pipeline project. The survey is questionable, since 11,500 requests were sent with only 10% (1,000) of respondents replying.

Because of the contradiction, the university took the decision to save face and to not appear as if they were taking a bribe.

All is not over yet because, the research department would love to have the money to study the effects the supertankers will have on the beluga population.

For now however, under the present conditions the money has been refused.

Watch this space for further developments.

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