Results for the Québec Arc-en-ciel 2012 Festival

Results for the Québec Arc-en-ciel 2012 Festival

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Quebec Arc-en-ciel Party 2012

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Results for the Québec Arc-en-ciel 2012 Festival: A Special Edition!

QUEBEC, September, 2012 – The organizing committee of the Gay Pride celebration in Quebec reports a very positive assessment for the 2012 edition for the Arc-en-ciel day (FAEC), which took place from August 30th to September 2nd. With one of the best programs ever, the presence of Madonna in the city, and the perfect weather, FAEC 2012, with a record participation of 15,000 members was the most successful Gay Pride in Quebec since the first edition in 1998.


More than 15,000 people participated in different FAEC 2012 activities in Quebec, nearly double compared to the 2011 edition. If the Madonna show on the Plains has inspired thousands more tourists to come to Quebec for the Labour Day weekend, the FAEC had prompted many of them to arrive on Friday and stay until Monday. FAEC also expects the study results for its clientele from a specialized firm conducted during the event.


The Quebec FAEC 2012 benefitted from excellent visibility and unparalleled media coverage. This is critical because the event was organized to foster empowerment and engagement in LGBT issues, but also to raise awareness of the LGBT and the realities of homophobia. Therefore attracting as many people as possible to the activities, but also positioning the issue of sexual diversity in the public sphere in Quebec was important. Mission accomplished!


The Quebec FAEC in 2012 opened up nicely, Thursday, August 30th, with the evening of intergenerational conference “Les Méconnues” on LGBT realities. The Intergenerational public lecture attracted over 100 people, while about 90 people attended the screening of the Lesbiana documentary – A parallel revolution of the filmmaker Myriam Fern. The Friday August 31st conferences and workshops were very appreciated by hundreds of people who had registered for the conference. In short, it was a great success.


Amongst the highlights of the 2012 FAEC was a tribute to Madonna offered by Gyzel and dancers Friday, August 31st at Place d’Youville. Over 1,500 people (a record!) attended this spectacular event. For their part, the Covergirls attracted nearly a thousand spectators, even if they were competing with the Material Girl Saturday night. Their solid rock performance was a revelation for many attendees. Finally, on Sunday evening, the female impersonator Réglisse and guests put on a variety show with colourful performances and an engaged and breathtaking animation!

Singing Contest

During first part of Covergirls, the finalists of the fifth edition of the singing competition of the Festival Arc-en-ciel impressed the jury, which was made up of the artistic director Cyril-Gauvin Francour. Finally, Magalie Paquette finished third and Andréanne Martin won second place while Valérie Amyot won the overall honours. She wins a $500 scholarship from TD Bank, the chance to sing in the final of the 2013 edition, as well as a one-day professional recording session in the Clan Destiny studio.

St. John Street Pedestrianization

Thousands of people walked St. John Street, which was pedestrianized between Turnbull and Honoré-Mercier, to wander among the sidewalk sales, local shops, and kiosks of various organizations who participated in the Saturday and Sunday community days. A record of 36 groups, unions, political parties, artisans, and companies participated. There were 27 in 2011. The fashion and dance street entertainment theme was very popular with attendees.


Since celebrating sexual diversity, also involves partying, many lively evenings took place during the FAEC 2012. The Drag and St. Matthew’s DJs shows were very popular while the Boys Gone Wild party and after party of the Gay Pride were great success.

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