Results from 2015 Carnaval de Québec are in and they’re not encouraging

Results from 2015 Carnaval de Québec are in and they’re not encouraging

Quebec City (Quebec) 18 June 2015 – The statistics have been tallied for last year’s winter carnival and the results are not good. In all the average attendance rate was down by about one-third as compared to the year before, which was pretty much a break-even year itself. The interim director, Yann Latouche, blames the decrease in revenue and frequentation, on the local population who didn’t seem to be interested in last year’s edition. In dollar value last year’s carnival came up $619,419 short on its budget which ironically was similar to that of 2013.

Granted, the month of February 2015 was one of the coldest on record, and the commotion made over the carnival effigy being made in China, didn’t help the organisation. M. Latouche, who was the carnival’s man in charge of marketing for 2015, remains positive and in his position as temporary director he claims the organization is going to do all it can to renew its ties with the local residents to get them to come out and support their local event.

It must be stated also that several cities in the province, including Montreal have their own winter celebrations which resemble Quebec’s Carnaval, which wasn’t the case ten years ago.

M. Latouche is hoping everyone in the city will buy a new “made in Quebec” bonhomme effigy next year, and promises a new surprise attraction on the site where the event takes place.

He also wants to revamp the way the duchesses are presented and how they compete to sell the famous lucky candles which have become synonymous with the Carnaval.

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