Return of the Nordiques: Quebecor Looking for Partners

Return of the Nordiques: Quebecor Looking for Partners

Quebec City (Quebec) 2 August 2015 – At the end of the thirteenth paragraph of a press release on its financial results, Quebecor confirms that it is looking for partners for the next step in the life of the Nordiques.

“We will begin a process to interest and attract partners as part of our process for obtaining a professional hockey team franchise,” said Pierre Dion, President and CEO of Quebecor.

With National Hockey League franchises’ cost at US$500 million (CAN$650 million), Quebecor may want a little help.

Quebecor indicates that the company could go it alone. Certainly, it will keep majority control of any team because it will interact with other subsidiaries of the company as TVA Sports, said the senior officers of the company in a conference call. People have already expressed interest, but formal discussions will begin in September.

But already, the company offers sponsors and corporate boxes landlords to sign contracts with “two speeds”, that is to say with and without the Nordiques.

With recent reports of the NHL, Quebecor has updated its financial projections, indicating that the possibility of an NHL team in Québec City “looks good”.

The company founded by Pierre Péladeau wants to make sports “a big growth driver for Quebecor,” adding that “everything we asked during recent years converge in that direction.” It confirms that the launch of TVA Sports, purchase of television rights in the NHL until 2026 and the purchase of Remparts are part of the same plan.

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