Revamped Quebec City hall square ready to welcome all

Revamped Quebec City hall square ready to welcome all

Main pic: This photo is of a cultural heritage site in Canada, number 7675 in the Canadian Register of Historic Places. Photo credit: Audrey-Ann Brousseau.

Quebec City, (Quebec) 17 June 2015 – It’s taken a couple of years to complete, and it cost $21.8 million but finally, the new gardens and city square are ready to host citizens and tourists alike. The city hall landscape has completely changed over the last two years and it is now ready for its official opening which will be on July 3, 2015.

To the side of the building a new water feature park (square) has been revamped with tables and chairs as a place to relax and take a breather from whatever you were doing. We visited the new grounds this week and it is really quite lovely with coloured water fountains, and statues incorporated into the stone and concrete walls making it a welcoming spot to just sit and ponder.

If you go to city hall this week and up until June 24, you will notice a strong Quebec flavoured decoration theme which seems to be promoting the province and not the city, but the mayor explained that the flags and fleurs de lys installations were for the upcoming June 24 celebrations and that the week after the building will be decorated in red and white to celebrate Canada Day.

Three days later on June 3 the flags decorating the grounds will be the city flags, to commemorate the founding date of the city itself.

City hall is worth seeing during most holidays as there are decorations other than political, for Halloween, Christmas and even St. Patricks day. It is definitely a city hall for everyone.

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