Review: Katherine Levac’s Velours and the Moose That Almost Drowned but Didn’t

Review: Katherine Levac’s Velours and the Moose That Almost Drowned but Didn’t

By Aurélie Roy, Salle Albert-Rousseau, Quebec City

In her first one-woman show, Katherine Levac secures her place amongst the group of young humourists who are taking the Quebec comedy scene by storm.

In Velours, Levac promises a show that will allow each member her audience to have a good time and to feel comforted by the very act of laughing. In Quebec French, we have the expression “faire un petit velours” which refers to something that is particularly pleasing or that makes us feel good. Through her constant delivery of solid punch lines and delightful stage presence, Levac certainly lives up to her promise.

Levac, whom we discovered in several television shows, such as Like moi! and SNL Québec, is as brilliant on stage as she is on TV. Her sarcastic tone, present in the sketches she has done over the last few years, returns in Velours, and it’s a good thing: her sarcasm is entirely in line with the character she has created and never fails to induce wholehearted laughter.

In Velours, Levac shares memories from her childhood, growing up in Ontario, and becoming an official Quebecer. She paints a portrait of a comfy, if boring life in which not much happens; and yet, she manages to narrate ordinary events and turn them into the most hilarious stories.

To her own admission, Levac has had an “easy” life and has never really had to face any hardships. According to her, the most difficult thing she has had to go through was witnessing a moose that was about to drown in the water… but then didn’t. The memory becomes a running gag throughout the show, and the absurdity of the trauma of witnessing a moose not drowning reflects the light, authentic nature of the stories that Levac skilfully reveals.

Levac seems to have mastered the art of deadpan comedy, and it is this pince-sans-rire attitude that stands out the most. She often starts telling a joke using her sweet, gentle voice, only to deliver the punch line with a flat and ironic tone. The technique is highly effective and offers an apt representation of her own personality: sweet, delicate, and extremely sarcastic.

David Beaucage, who opens for Levac, sets the stage beautifully for her. Also a writer for Levac’s show, Beaucage, like so many other emerging players that have appeared in recent years, shows promise for the future of comedy in Quebec. His too-short presence on stage both delighted the audience and left them wanting more. We will be expecting his own one-man show.

Katherine Levac feels like a breath of fresh air. Her charming personality, spontaneity, and all-around funny demeanour make for a completely successful first show. Levac’s goal is to provide, through her performance, a good time and a petit velours. I say: mission accomplished.

Katherine Levac will be back in Quebec City on March 5-6, May 4-5, and November 1-2, 2018, as well as on January 14-15, 2019.


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