Review: Louis T – Objectivement Parlant

Review: Louis T – Objectivement Parlant

By Carrianne Bell.

Recently, at the Théâtre Petit-Champlain, Louis T debuted Objectivement Parlant, his one man show.

With a province-wide tour beginning this week, he brought down the house with his dry, witty commentary on Quebecois society.

Best known for his political / comedy show, Selon l’opinion comique as well as regular appearances on Radio-Canada’s Entree principale, Objectivement Parlant is his first solo venture.

In the same spirit as his television show, Louis T makes fun of the day to day issues that affect all of those of us who live in Quebec.

He reminds me a lot of Stephen Colbert. Just like Colbert, Louis T was dressed up in a sharp suit, nerdy glasses, and most notably made sarcastic digs one after another at serious topics.

An organized and professional looking comedian, Louis T commands respect even before he opens his mouth. And when he does everything is dripping in humour.

This show is most definitely aimed at a Québécois audience.  For me, as someone not originally from here but who has lived here for years, it was interesting to see his take on mainstream society.

It was the first time I have seen a local comedian openly criticize other Québécois. He highlighted problems in healthcare, building contracts, and just our overall tendency to be compliant and lazy. His show is not exactly brimming with optimism, yet is thought provoking and entertaining.

Half way through the show Louis T shared his recent Asperger’s diagnosis and the problems that living with his condition have brought to his life.

From not being able to read other’s faces and emotions to not being coordinated in sports, his message is comical and yet definitely meant to educate at the same.  This theme is threaded through the entire show. Using a dry sense of humour to laugh at the problems we are all facing. He even went so far as to tell audience members how they were going to die and how to avoid it. It was funny a funny segment  that left me hoping that I would not be one of the two unlucky Canadians who will die from being squished by a cow.

If you like dry, intelligent comedy, Louis T is the comic for you. His jokes make you think; there is no aimless empty humour here.

His show is well written, intelligent and entertaining.

Out of the many comics I have seen recently, he is the one that I have appreciated the most. He is different. He is smart. He is, above all, funny. Go see him.

Louis T will be back in the Quebec City region April 14 and May 19 at Théâtre Petit-Champlain, as well as June 3 at the Centre d’art La Chappelle.


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