Road Deaths Reduced This Summer

Road Deaths Reduced This Summer

The numerous police and Sûreté du Québec (SQ) operations conducted throughout Quebec province since the beginning of the construction holiday paid off with only four deaths on the road since July 20th.

This summer, Quebec holds one of its best statistic sheets while last year, 22 people died during the same two weeks.

This is a reduction of 80%.

The Sûreté du Québec used a combination of three main elements: repression, prevention, and sensitization. All the publicity campaigns reminded the population about the importance of behaving responsibly and sharing the road with bicycles, buses, and others.

In the last couple of years, laws have been introduced to ensure that drivers who drive too fast near construction sites are given speeding fines, and in some cases, penalty points.

The new police strategies to improve the road security, such as being more visible, worked well.

Having the authorities announce police presence in advance and also the number of ongoing operations, has had a positive effect on speed reduction.

The SQ planned 476 road controls over these two weeks.

Plus, 119 SQ employees regularly conducted operations aimed at reducing speed and enforcing the wearing of seatbelts in vehicles.

Car drivers were not the only ones targeted in these operations, VTT drivers were not allowed to drive in the streets and they had to wear helmets. Patrols made sure of that.

Water patrols verified if boats had the required equipment and if basic security rules were respected.

Until now, the statistics show positive results but the SQ and police departments warn drivers to remain cautious over the rest of the summer.
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