Road rage in Quebec leads to chainsaw attack

Road rage in Quebec leads to chainsaw attack

St. Jerome (Quebec) 8 April 2015 – It’s like something you may see in a movie theatre but, it actually happened in a small town north east of Montreal, called St. Jerome. A family of four, two adults and two young children were abruptly cut off by a van for no apparent reason while travelling back to their home on Sunday afternoon. The driver of the car, M. Hermenier decided to give chase to the vehicle which had cut him off to obtain the licence number so he could report the incident to the police.

Ending up in a dead end road both vehicles came to a standstill when suddenly, the driver of the van exists his vehicle, and brandishing a chain saw, starts threatening M. Hermenier and his partner Mme Cyr with his “weapon” running at full speed. The whole thing was filmed on Mme Cyr’s cell phone and when posted on the internet got over 1 million hits. In the video you can hear the children screaming in the background as the attacker attempts to break a window with his revved up saw.

The man waving the chainsaw, M. Delisle, was quickly apprehended and appeared in court on Tuesday of this week, facing a charge of “attack with a deadly weapon”. He has pleaded not guilty to the charge and will return to face a judge on July 7th. He could be facing up to 18 months jail time if he is found guilty. M. Delisle had no previous altercations with the law before this case.

As for M. Hermenier, he highly suggests that it is probably better to simply call police in a road incident rather than follow an individual who may or may not seek revenge through road rage, especially one with a chainsaw in his car.

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