Road rage with a gun

Road rage with a gun

Quebec City (Quebec) 09 October, 2014 – We’re not supposed to use our smart-phones while driving but, on Tuesday of this week a driver had no choice but to call 9-1-1 while he was rolling north around noon on Henri-lV Boulevard.

The driver called the emergency line because of another driver who was constantly careening and breaking radically and to make things worse, suddenly rolled down his window, pulled out what appeared to be a gun, and pointed it at him.

The driver of the dark coloured Golf then took an exit for Boulevard Hamel leaving the 9-1-1 caller to continue on his way.

The police were hot on the trail of the little Golf since the caller had told them which exit it had taken. The driver of the Golf, David Drolet 19, was soon found and taken into custody by police and is facing charges of, dangerous driving, pointing and or assault with a weapon, possession of a firearm in a vehicle, and possession of cannabis.

The gun in question has so far been identified as a pellet pistol.

M. Drolet appeared in court to face the charges on Wednesday afternoon where the judge decided to retain him.

He will reappear today, Thursday for a bail hearing.

It is not known if the 9-1-1 caller will be accused of using a cell phone while driving or if the circumstances merited the call.

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