Roadblocks to be installed for Québec City survey

Roadblocks to be installed for Québec City survey

15 places chosen for the “origin-destination” survey

From September 5 to October 3, thousands of drivers will be “intercepted” during peak hours by “roadblocks” in the Québec City and Lévis area. They will be asked to respond to the origin-destination 2017 survey.

This is what can be read in a call for bids published on Thursday by the Réseau de transport de la capitale (RTC). The day before, the Transport Ministry announced the launch of this vast survey, the purpose of which was to “collect specific information on residents’ habits and travel choices”. The last such study was carried out in 2011 and its results were not published until the end of 2014.

In the invitation, it is reported that the financial and contractual management of the origine-destination Survey is to be carried out by the RTC, although the study involves various partners: the Ministère des Transports, the Cities of Québec and Lévis and the Société de transport de Lévis.

The origin-destination Survey consists of two components: a “household survey”, based on telephone and web interviews and an “enquête-cordon” survey, which will be completed by asking questions drivers entering the study area. It is this part of the survey is the subject of the invitation.

Reinforced security and banned jokes

The objective of the survey is to “successfully collect” some 15,500 “roadside” questionnaires. The number of “survey sites” located “as close as possible to the boundary surrounding the survey area” is estimated to be 15: six in the Capitale-Nationale territory and nine in the Chaudière-Appalaches area.

We insist on the voluntary side of drivers’ participation. It is also asserted that some safety rules must be respected: “Never let a queue form that could harm traffic, the safety of drivers or the interviewers”.

Fun fact: it is also stated that “the exchange of jokes between drivers or passengers is strictly forbidden”. The results of the origin-destination survey 2017 will not be known until 2019.

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