Robo-Calls and Left-Wing Democracy – Can Free Enterprise Taking Over the World be that Bad?

Robo-Calls and Left-Wing Democracy – Can Free Enterprise Taking Over the World be that Bad?


by Peter Stuart

One thing I can say about living in Québec City is that it is never boring. Being now part of the NAFTA world and emerging global village, our ‘Grand Village’ in the New World with Old World charm sure has its moments.

Take today. I just got home from Church and was relaxing listening to music and contemplating having a bite to eat when the phone rings. Hmmm, I say, either that’s a blood relative calling me for a Sunday chat or a bloody pain in the butt telemarketer trying to sell me something.

Being a person of modest means who’s trying to pinch pennies in this difficult economy, I’ve unsubscribed from my whole host of bells and whistles on my Bell phone land line, including call display, and call answer, so I couldn’t screen the call to decide whether or not to answer. I could only hope that my CRTC-registered entry onto the ‘do not call list’ had filtered out enough of the bozos to make sure it wouldn’t be some Jean Guy dude trying to sell me insulation for my home or life insurance.

I did realize though, that my ‘do not call list’ exempted such people as political parties, polling firms, organizations I’ve already done business with and who already have my name, and charitable groups, so I wasn’t guaranteed to not be harassed by a telemarketer.

I answered and sure enough, it was one of the left wing organizations I once gave money to, and which still has my name on their list. They do a lot of advocacy work to protect our public services in Canada and to denounce the creeping influence of private enterprise in the public system.

However, what I found to be ironic about their method of solicitation, and the solicitation methods of all these left wing organizations, is that they employ the very same free enterprise-like marketing methods of the very capitalist system which they purport to say is a threat to the sanctity of our society’s public good.

The call which I got today was a so-called ‘Robo-call’, a pre-recorded message of a person’s voice, exhorting me to attend some citizen’s town hall meeting to discuss the future of Canadian democracy. I hung up after about five seconds, I didn’t want my Sunday afternoon peace and quiet disturbed by yet another doom and gloom rant and raver telling me that the whole world is going to Hell in a hand basket and that the citizens of the world’s ‘grassroots’ need to ‘rise up’ and ‘empower ourselves’ to ‘take back what is rightfully ours’.

I think the roots of my ‘grass’ are pretty well deeply sunk in and don’t need to ‘rise up’ and do anything just yet. What bugs me is that the only people who seem to be gaining anything from all of this are the marketing companies who are selling their direct mailing and telemarketing services to all these loony left wing and charitable causes. They must be raking in millions of dollars in profit if you ask me.

It just goes to show that the more you try and attack the notion of free enterprise, the more you come up against a brick wall. Humans were designed to associate freely with each other, whether it is for the purposes of trade and commerce, to govern themselves, to worship, or to wage war. So I feel that as citizens of this medium-sized, yet burgeoning metropolis of Québec City, that preserving our public services is all well and nice, but not at the expense of taking away our liberty and that of future generations of Québecers and Canadians by saddling us with such crippling debt that we will have mortgaged the future of several of our future generations.

So that guy who was calling me with his robo-call, maybe he’s on to something. Maybe we should work at our entrepreneurial skills a bit more to create more work for our people, which can then be taxed at a fair level to finance the public services old robo guy was complaining about getting eroded.

Maybe I should start up a direct mail or telemarketing company?  Nah, I don’t want to disturb anybody else in Québec City on a quiet Sunday afternoon in winter and make their day any more unnecessarily ‘unboring’ than it has to be.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, I think I hear that leftover chicken casserole calling my name: Have a good one folks, and don’t work too hard, you’ll make a lot of money, but you won’t have any time or energy to enjoy it, your kids will hate you, the dog will bark at you, the cat will scratch your furniture all to Hell, your marriage will fall apart, you’ll start drinking, have a heart attack, and……well you know the rest. ‘Bye!!!
Article and photo by Peter Stuart

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