Rockabilly Fever: The Fifties are Coming Back

Rockabilly Fever: The Fifties are Coming Back


Article by Martin Lalancette

You like to dance, you like the fifties. You’re going to love Melvis and The Jive Cats.

I’m a big Fan. I should – be my little sister is the lead singer (I’m so proud). The red hair, the style and her stage presence is making her an artist that can’t be ignored when she’s in a room. Growing up our mother was always playing Elvis, it probably rubbed off on my sister. And a bit on myself also, one of the first songs that I learnt on the guitar was Suspicious Minds (to please my mother of course).

The band is good and will make you want to dance. Or like me bop your head to the beat. They often have shows in the Quebec City region (Montreal and other regions to) and they need your support. So if you love the fifties go out to the next show, and stop to say hi to me, I will probably be there.

They have their first EP out six songs that are going to rock your socks off and make you want to dance.

CBC is Calling all closet musicians:

On the same page if you are an artist and you want to get out of the closet the Breakaway contest is for you.

Sign up have fun. I did.

And if you want to vote for my song. Go ahead. It’s recorded at home so be gentle.


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