Roy to Follow Remparts Fortunes from Afar

Roy to Follow Remparts Fortunes from Afar

Often, Quebecers say Patrick Roy has been very good for the city, but the city has also been good to him. This is how Patrick Roy wanted to thank the Quebec fans recently during a press conference where he talked about his adventure with the Remparts as well as the team’s future. Even though he will be very busy in Colorado as the new Avalanche coach, he will closely follow his Remparts players.

The surroundings and the organization in Quebec made it a hard decision to quit and head for Colorado. A junior’s life is much more than showing up at 8am and leaving at 5pm. It is also the love for the logo and the people. Even though he is leaving, Mr. Roy doesn’t think the fans will desert the team. Something incredible has been created in the last ten years. The base is solid and the fans will keep cheering for the team.

The ten years with the Remparts as general director and coach for eight years allowed Roy to gain experience which will be extremely useful in the NHL. Roy also had the chance to work with young players which will definitely be helpful when coaching his new team (with a low average age).

Jacques Tanguay, Remparts co-owner and Claude Rousseau, team president only had good things to say about Patrick Roy. According to Rousseau, Mr. Roy helped develop the players educational needs. He wanted to be sure that athletes had a good education and that their time with the red devils make them better citizens.
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