Royal Birth Excitement as Canadians Go Out Of Their Way to Insist They Don’t Care

Royal Birth Excitement as Canadians Go Out Of Their Way to Insist They Don’t Care
Completed just a few moments after the source image was made available, this image is one way Canadians expressed their lack of desire to follow up-to-the-minute details of the royal birth.

Completed just a few moments after the source image was made available, this is an example of how Canadians expressed their lack of interest in up-to-the-minute details of the royal birth.

News of the birth of the Prince William and Princess Kate’s new baby, a healthy 8lb 6oz boy, was met with excitement as Canadians flocked to social media to express the full extent of how much they didn’t care.

“I admit I didn’t really get much work done today,” said Tammy Chaplin, a secretary for a large office. “I was refreshing the BBC website every few minutes so I could be the first of my Facebook friends to post how much the new baby being a boy didn’t matter to me.”

Chaplin wasn’t alone in her enthusiasm.  Literally thousands of Canadians were commenting their disinterest in the child, who would have been 3rd in the line of succession regardless of his gender.  “Pfff, so what? Like, 300 000 other women are giving birth today, who cares about this #royalbaby?” one Twitter comment asked, a mere two minutes after the announcement was made at St. Mary’s Hospital in west London.

Meanwhile, an image showing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, overlapped with bold text stating “I only care if we get a day off” had already been shared by over twelve thousand Facebook users.  The image was one of many “memes” prepared in advance by New Brunswick resident John McAtee. “I’d started thinking about a funny image I could share probably around 10:30 this morning, while I was trying to find a radio station talking about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy,” McAtee explained.  “I didn’t want to post it before we got the news though, because if something went wrong with the birth later I didn’t want to seem insensitive.  The minute the CBC announced it and said Kate and the baby were fine, I made the Reddit post and shared it on Facebook.”

Not all Canadians went for the humorous approach.  Some prepared their office water cooler banter well ahead of time.  “I practiced a few times in front of the mirror this morning,” said André Illis, an accountant.  “I really didn’t want to stumble over my words when conveying how much I couldn’t care less.”  Illis also did a bit of background research to refresh himself on the new succession laws so he could explain, in great detail, why he wouldn’t have cared if the baby had been a girl.  “Sure, maybe I wasted my time doing that, but you should always be prepared to explain why something isn’t worth your interest,” he explained.

As Canadians across the country return home and learn about the birth from the radio in their cars or other news sources, more and more are expected to follow and make sure all their social media contacts are perfectly aware of how little the birth of the future King of Canada means to them.  “It’s really important to me that I share with everyone how much this isn’t a historical day,” concluded Chaplin, as she retweeted her 14th message regarding the prince’s birth. “We don’t get a chance like this often, so when they happen, I want to share it with my friends and family.”  Chaplin was insistant that while she wishes the new royal parents the best, it was “not any more than for anyone else who just had a baby, really.”


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