RTC Festival Transport

RTC Festival Transport

RTC have put in place special measures in the city for easy access and a quick ride back home. The Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) adopted the 2012 strategy for the Festival d’été de Quebec (FEQ). This will allow festival-goers to move freely from one place to another faster. This means: specific stations and information tools.

This system has been made possible due to the excellent collaboration of the RTC, the FEQ, Quebec City, and Quebec City police department. This decreases traffic on the roads especially downtown by removing over 10,000 cars from the streets every night. 235 RTC employees will be working on every night of the festival.

More than 2500 free parkings for people who wish to take the bus to town. More and more people very year want to take the bus to go to the FEQ because it is less complicated and far less frustrating. Here are few places where people can park their cars during the FEQ:

– Parc-O-Bus D’Estimauville et Galeries de la Canardière

– Parc-O-Bus au coin de la 41e Rue Est et de la 1re Avenue

– Université Laval

The RTC website (www.rtcquebec.ca/jaimelebus) and the client service (418-627-2511) are very good sources for further info.

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