Rural Town Gambling Land to Fund School

Rural Town Gambling Land to Fund School

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The small town of St.-Paul-de-la-Croix, north of Rivière du Loup, has come up with an idea to help save its only school and at the same time hopefully give a shot in the arm to their local community. The small village, two hours north of Quebec City, has decided to offer two plots of land as a prize in a lottery to help finance the survival of their country school, a school that teaches all grades from kindergarten to grade 6.

The school in question is under the « chopping block » of the government’s cost-cutting measures because it has difficulty enrolling enough  students to stay open. The minimum requirement to maintain a rural school is 20 students, which in a town with a population of 375 is sometimes difficult to attain.  It’s a problem that many of the small rural towns across the country face, but this town has rolled up their sleeves and has high hopes for their temporary solution.

The town has offered up the land, two plots of approximately 80,000 sq feet, free of charge and hopes it will encourage someone to build on them using local supplies and workers. Anyone can buy a ticket for a chance to win a piece of real estate in the country. To participate and to buy a ticket you can consult The organizers would like you to include a letter as to why you want to reside in their community.

Good luck!

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