Saddle Racers Don’t Get Sulky

Saddle Racers Don’t Get Sulky

People from Levis recently participated in a horse race on a saddle rather than a sulky (two-wheeled cart).

This is an initiative brought in by Anne-Marie Demers, a horse enthusiast, who organized the first challenge in the province.

During her childhood, she spent all her time with horses. Then, she discovered racing, which is a completely different world.

She meshed her two passions together by training horses to race. Then, in late June, with help from friends and financial support from the family business, J.M. Demers, she was able to present the first horse race with saddle riders in Saint-Hugues. A second race took place in Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs and a few more are scheduled to take place in the future.

Such races are popular in Europe, mainly in France and Belgium but are rare in North America. Here betting is not allowed on this tye of racing, but in the United States, this type of race would become popular fast.

There are many steps to make betting legal for this kind of horse race such as asking the Régie des Loteries et courses.
The riders also have to pass stringent tests.

Those who drive in traditional sulky races in North America do not want to try riding on the horses, thinking the experience would be too dangerous.

During the first race experience, Anne-Marie and her team went almost as fast as in traditional races, taking on a one mile distance in two minutes and six seconds. The challenges are to hold on for such a long distance, to control the horse’s speed so it has enough energy until the end of the race, and to keep the saddle and strapping in place that help the horse keep the rhythm.

Anne-Marie has plans to develop this sport further here in Quebec.

Everyone present stayed for the entire race. For many, this was their first experience of this discipline of horse racing.

With positive comments aplenty, this can only be a good thing if this sport is to attract new particpants and grow.
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