Sadec Thai Restaurant – A Review

Sadec Thai Restaurant – A Review

SADEC THAI RESTAURANT – a review by Isabelle Soucy Chartier

Enjoy great service and a flavourful, generous Thai meal at a very reasonable price.

Sadec Thai restaurant is situated on Saint-Vallier West and offers a bring-your-own-wine option.

The food was impressively tasty, especially when you consider the price you pay for a complete meal.

Each individual table d’hôte encompasses a soup, two spring rolls, a fair-sized main course, dessert, and tea or coffee.

The chicken vermicelli soup surprised me with its flavourful broth and chunks of authentic chicken and vegetables; nothing like some of the bland noodle soups you typically expect as the appetiser of an inexpensive meal combo.

The spring rolls were fresh, yet again very flavourful, and accompanied with a generous salad with carrots cut into flowers and with a succulent sesame dressing.

By that point, I was beginning to doubt I would have room for my main course, yet by some magic concocted in their kitchen, my stomach was unwilling to let the delicious sauté of shrimp, chicken and vegetables go to waste.

Room was found, and the customer, extremely satisfied.

The plate came with a decent quantity of shrimp and chicken, while other Asian restaurants might try to cut costs by garnishing the platter with only a few pieces of these often costly proteins.

The restaurant also offers their specialty dish, the General Sadec, a succulent plate of tender and very well-spiced chicken sautéed and served in a plentiful, tasty, unique, tangy sauce.

Portion size was perfect and it was served with rice and a salad that was an excellent addition to make a well-rounded trio.

All meals are served with rice that is neither pasty nor clumpy, but light enough to complement the meats and sauce, making for a delicious mouthful.

The menu features a wide variety of meat, seafood, vegetarian, hotplate and combo meals as well as a variety of options for table d’hôte dinners for one or for two people.  For dessert, a choice of tapioca, fruit donuts and individual coconut pies is offered – I opted for the tapioca dessert.  Sadec’s version of this treat is sweet yet not overly so, creamy, flavourful and garnished with a splash of cream and a dash of sesame seeds – a wonderful end to a pleasing meal.

A striking attribute of Sadec is their efficiency.

They are quick to greet you the moment you walk through the front door, and there is hardly any delay in receiving the food.

I was taken by surprise when, mere moments after we had placed our order, another friendly member of the staff brought us our soups.

This rapidity in food service is consistent throughout the entire meal. Somehow, however, we never felt rushed.

They seem to simply walk around and observe the tables, and when all plates are emptied at a table they swap the empty plates with the next item on the menu.

Glasses of water are filled frequently, and satisfaction is ensured throughout.

A second striking attribute is the friendliness of the staff.

The wait-staff seems to enjoy and take genuine pride in their work, and their positive attitudes enhance the pleasantness of the dining experience.

The restaurant is a clean, cozy place, very happening, that somehow allows you to feel like you nonetheless can enjoy some privacy.

Perhaps this sense of privacy comes from the fact that every table is on the edge of a wall, so you won’t end up sitting in the middle of the restaurant with fellow patrons on every side of you.

The decor is as homey and playful as their staff, and in a way makes you feel like you were invited into their home.

The restaurant seems to be constantly busy with customers, with in itself is a very promising sign!  

Table d’hôte dinner meals range from $16 (chicken meals) to $22 (seafood meals).

Dinner packages for two cost between $38 and $43.

Ordered individually, soups and appetisers range from $2 to $5.

Main course meals range from $13 to $22.

The quality and quantity of the meal definitely surpass the menu’s prices.

Subjective experience.
The overall experience was positive from beginning to end. The food was delicious, prices were incredibly affordable and the staff positively delightful.

My impression from our visit on a late weeknight is that this restaurant must be highly appreciated by locals; there was a surprising amount of customers happily indulging in the food and enjoying friendly chats with the smiling staff.

If you go:
Do bring your own wine.
Do keep your eyes open for parking spots since parking is along the streets. 
Do try their General Sadec if you are a General Tao fan, and discover in what ways it is different and similar.

Restaurant information:
Address:  229 Saint-Vallier West, Quebec QC G1K 1K3
Phone number: (418) 523-4459.

Isabelle Soucy Chartier continues to respect her passion for literature and fiction alongside her scientific article writing as a current PhD candidate in the field of Clinical and Research Psychology. She authored the novel Thoughts Gone Wrong, and has many additional literary projects underway. It is with enthusiasm that she writes for “Life in Quebec”, looking forward to discovering common and hidden entertainment treasures that can be enjoyed by all in the beautiful region of Quebec!

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