Saguenay cat strangler

Saguenay cat strangler

Somebody is strangling cats in Saguenay.

Saguenay (Quebec) 24 November 2014 – If you’re a cat lover, or even an animal lover, you’re not going to like this story.

In the last two months four cats have been found strangled to death by an unknown individual.

The Saguenay branch of the SPCA has so far found and picked-up four different cats or kittens that have been strangled by someone in the Jonquière borough of the city.

The latest three month old kitten was found with a tie wrap tightened around its neck and its front feet attached and bound by a shoelace.

The animal was found by some passers-by who were out for a walk with their dogs.

Since it had snowed, the kitten was found inadvertently by the dogs digging into the snow, and the little creature was still warm meaning the strangulation had been recent. They called police who in turn notified the local SPCA.

According to the SPCA the four kittens were found close to sidewalks and or in parks where people take walks on a regular basis perhaps secretly wanting the animals to be found.

The Saguenay police, together with the local division of the SPCA, are investigating.

Anyone caught and accused of animal cruelty or killing animals can face prison time under article 444 of the criminal code.

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