Saguenay Mayor Insults Media Over Religious Ignorance

Saguenay Mayor Insults Media Over Religious Ignorance

Jean Tremblay, Mayor of the city of Saguenay, was at a religious convention recently in Valleyfield, just west of Montreal, when he referred to the media as “des cruches”, loosely translated as “empty-headed”. The word itself means jug, but when used to describe people it usually implies they are ignorant, naive, or stupid.

Mayor Tremblay made the remark when he was answering some questions concerning religious symbols used in his office. He stated that the journalists knew nothing about religious matters and were less informed about the matter than they were about politics and or politicians.

The Mayor in question was on the hot seat a few years back when the city decided to continue saying religious prayers before council meetings, and to keep a religious symbol in the City Hall offices when it had become an issue for political leaders to make some changes in reference to such symbols.

As for the remarks made to the reporters at the convention, Mayor Tremblay does not regret having made them and, remarked that at the time, none of the media present reacted dramatically to the comment.  The matter only came up when he got back home to Saguenay where he was confronted by some local media personnel.

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