“Saguenay” or “Chicoutimi” – 12 Years Later

“Saguenay” or “Chicoutimi” – 12 Years Later

It has been 12 years since the PQ government changed the name of the city of Chicoutimi to Saguenay, but it is still a hot topic in the old town. Before the change, Saguenay was the name given to the entire region including the Saguenay River, and its tributaries with Chicoutimi as the urban hub, but when the municipal amalgamations took place all over the province back when, the Government forced the city to adopt the name Saguenay to the displeasure of the majority of its citizens. In the area if you were a “Saguenéen or a Saguenéenne”, you were from the region and if you were from Chicoutimi, you were a “Chicoutimien”, not to mention the Jonquièrois who no longer exist anywhere, but that all changed in 2002. Now of course everyone is a Saguenéen or a Saguenéenne, because there is no more Chicoutimi which not only affects your origin but also gets confusing when trying to explain where you’re from. Imagine saying you’re from Saguenay in the Saguenay, but originally from Chicoutimi in the Saguenay, but there is no Chicoutimi.

An ex-resident of Chicoutimi has decided to restart the debate on the grounds that the name Chicoutimi has a strong historical value and that the name should be reinstated as it was. Whether or not his argument is valid remains to be seen and will probably have to go to court to be rectified, but one thing for sure, the region has been very disrupted by all the changes forced upon them and no one is comfortable with their new identities, even after 12 years of debate.

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