Saint-Amour Employee is Baker of the Year

Saint-Amour Employee is Baker of the Year

The chef baker of the Saint-Amour restaurant was recently nominated best baker of the year in the province.

It is a prestigious honour for this 31-year old chef with a diploma from l’École hôtelière de la Capitale who has been baking for 11 years.

It was only after his high school studies that he decided to enroll in culinary classes without knowing if this was the right thing to do.

He used to love cookies and chocolate chip muffins his mother used to bake. Never had he thought he would be one of the best cooks in the whole province. This prize is given not with the one dessert but rather with quality and reliability.

He likes to play with traditional desserts but works a lot with the products, textures, and shapes. He is careful not to put too much sugar in his recipes mainly for health reasons.

It is also so as not to hide the real taste of fruits.

On his menu, there are two desserts for diabetics in which he uses coconut sugar.

This product has a glucose level three times smaller than normal refined sugar.

It is like a brown sugar, very tasty but it doesn’t hide any of the flavours.
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