Saint Brigid’s Home Celebrates Two Centenary Residences

Saint Brigid’s Home Celebrates Two Centenary Residences

Saint-Brigid’s Home celebrates two centenarie residents. Mrs. Isabel McCartney just turned 103-years old. Let’s recall that she was a volunteer when Saint-Brigid’s Home started. She is a woman who loves to read, she went to the Library on Maguire and borrowed books for the institution’s residents. She thought it was a way to keep her spirit alert and young. She encourages reading and exchanges and said it was an antidote to counter loss of autonomy. Even though there are a few lost connections, she keeps her love of reading and still likes to tell the Saint-Brigid’s personnel what to do.

Mrs. McCartney is not the only one celebrated as Mrs. Violette Houde Decoster just celebrated her 100th anniversary on March 8. Mrs. Decoster is a centenary who had a great life and who supported her husband in every part of their lives. She was her own accountant and secretary for many years. She is also a woman that lives with the seasons. When spring comes, she is like a child who can now play outside. Her voice is soft like a hot summer breeze and her passion is nature.

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