Salvation Army Hopes to Raise $50,000 in the Region This Christmas

Salvation Army Hopes to Raise $50,000 in the Region This Christmas

With a goal to collect $50,000 in 2012, the biggest annual financial campaign by l’Armée du Salut, les Marmites de Noël, will be presented starting November 22 to December 22, at the Galeries de la Capitale.

Thanks to the contribution of volunteers, l’Armée du Salut will be able to give out food and warm clothes to about 450 families in Quebec City.

It is because the number of Christmas baskets is increasing each year that the campaign directors decided to organise an official launch in a mall.

People interested in offering financial help to the organization will be able to do so by buying crafted soaps from Quai de bulles and receive soup from the lodging centres of Quebec if they donate.

 L’Armée du Salut has been established in Quebec for over 120 years.

It offers concrete help to individuals and families in need with no discrimination.

In Quebec, approximately 100 families receive help every week for food and clothes.

The women’s refuge, La Maison Charlotte, welcomes 300 residents per year while the one for men accommodates 900 people.
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