Santa Claus already very busy in Quebec

Santa Claus already very busy in Quebec

With the arrival of Santa Claus at “Les Galeries de la Capitale “ on Sunday, Nov.17 and already installed at Place Laurier and Place Fleur de Lys, the jolly old man of Christmas is working full time and spreading himself out pretty well across the country and there’s still 30+ days ‘till his busiest day.

Santa_ClausThere were about 400 parents with kids awaiting his arrival at Les Galeries on Sunday when he pulled up in his sleigh with three of his favorite helpers. Once on his throne he started handing out little gifts for each child who was good and probably even to some who weren’t so good, how could he really know after all, who was good and who was bad.

This event always kicks off the Christmas shopping season in a big way, but wise shoppers have most likely already bought most of the gifts they need during the fall sales and even during the summer.

Needless to say Santa was very busy this week and will be until Dec. 24 in shopping malls all around the world.

Call him Santa, Père Noël, Chris Kringle or whatever, he’s “The Man” for the next four weeks, and it’s amazing how he can be at all those places at the same time.

He truly is a magical figure, and has become the image of Christmas throughout the western world, or at least the symbol to remind us that it’s time to start spending money.
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