Save Gemini Pizzeria and get your name on one

Save Gemini Pizzeria and get your name on one

Worried to see their Gemini Pizzeria from St-Roch and Limoilou disappear for good, citizens launched a spontaneous support campaign for the restaurant and will inaugurate an online donation platform. This is the short story of the unusual mix of pizza, social networks, and electronic commerce.

Olivier Ouellet loves pizza and clients appreciate his culinary creations. At the top of Pizza Gemini, he coordinates the two establishments in Limoilou and St-Roch. The crust raised for four years. Everything seemed fine but, one day; his insurance broker indicated that his equipment on Saint-Joseph Street was not meeting the requirements.

The costs are high, to a point where he must close his restaurant in the city, despite sufficient sales. There were more people coming in than what he had in his business plan. The demand is there.

The decrease in revenue compels him to close the restaurant in St-Roch even though the equipment was great. For the past three months, Gemini’s pizza yeast stayed sealed in pots and the ovens became cold. Closed for an indefinite amount of time, the bills accumulatde and the owner is thinking about selling. Until now, this is a classic restaurant story.

Unexpected Support

The exception to this story is that some people miss their pizza and they decided, without even consulting the restaurant owner, to roll up their sleeves. On Valentine’s Day, a committee composed of Élise Rousseau, Julie Tremblay-Potvin, and Mathieu Ouellet launch a support group on Facebook.

The three members have no interest in the pizzeria except their stomachs’. The Facebook page goes viral. The idea of a collective support became very popular. A survey is then sent out. Who would be willing to pay $50 to the restaurant owner in exchange of two (2) pizzas when the store reopens? In 3 hours, 300 Quebec citizens ‘virtually’ raised their hands.

All the ingredients are then united to save the establishment. The cook, Olivier Ouellet then learns about the people’s initiative and is shocked.

This is such a great compliment and one of the greatest proofs of love. During his twelve years serving in the restaurant industry, he has never seen this happen. Seems like clients really dig his pizza!

Far from collecting money in jars and going door-by-door, the project instigators are aiming towards social networks and new online payment platforms.

All donations are collected electronically by PayPal, a secure online payment service. For Pizzeria Gemini, a dozen donation packages will be offered. A $50 donation will give two pizzas, $200 gives 4 pizzas in a creative box created by Pierre Girard, and your name will be given to a pizza if you donate $1,000.

The mix is flexible and risky. All depends on the campaigns. Capital is not guaranteed. It could happen that you never get cheese for your money. All depends on the relaunch. People who donate will be treated like royalty and he (the cook) will be happy to owe it up to them, even if he must make the pizzas from his own apartment. The committee hopes to sell 500 packages in the two upcoming weeks and collect $20 000. This would be enough to buy the necessary equipment and pay a few bills to make the establishment rise again.

Join the Facebook group here:ébec-aime-Pizzeria-Gemini/166443833503730
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