School Board Taxes – CAQ Blames Liberals

School Board Taxes – CAQ Blames Liberals

Quebec City (Quebec) August 17, 2014 – Following an announcement this week that the Premières-Seigneuries School Board would be raising school taxes over its territory, National Assembly representatives from the Coalition Avenir Québec have blamed the hike on lack of political will on the part of the Liberal government.

Earlier this week, education minister Yves Bolduc had called for reasonable tax increases, though has declined to comment if this particular tax increase, an average of 47$ per household, qualified as reasonable. However, Jean-François Roberge, MNA for Chambly and CAQ spokesperson for education, would like the government to go further in its review of the current model of education management in Québec. M. Roberge claims these tax increases represent a 10% hike and are an unreasonable additional burden for taxpayers. The CAQ has long called for the abolition of school boards in favour of local community-based management structures.

In its own defense, the School Board Federation affirms that school boards across the province have already tightened their budgets to the absolute limit, cutting deep into administrative expenses.

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