School councillors warned – show up or pay a fine

School councillors warned – show up or pay a fine

Quebec City (Quebec) 17 November 2014 – Now that the school elections are over and the new boards are in place, and even if hardly anyone turned out to vote, one of the new school boards has already voted on a new policy.

The Commission scolaire des Premières Seigneuries just implanted a new rule stating that any elected councillor who doesn’t show up for board meetings often enough is going to be docked $200 from their annual pay for every meeting he or she is absent from.

And not to be too extreme with the rule, the school board will allow a member to be absent once during the 12 meetings. Miss more than one meeting and your paycheck will be $200 short.

Premières Seigneuries, which serves Beauport, Charlesbourg and Côte de Beaupré, had the highest level of absenteeism of all the school boards in the region, making the new rule a priority for the new president, René Dion, who had included it on his electoral campaign list.

Other school boards already had such a policy in place, leaving the Premières Seigneuries the only one left to follow suit.

Some of the other boards have a lesser penalty, but a penalty all the same.

When the new fining system was adopted by the other boards there was an immediate and remarkable decrease in the number of councillors who decided to not show up for those board meetings.

A school councillor is paid $5,569 for the period from November 10th to June 30th.

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