Second Annual Mayor’s Ball Draws Business World for Good Cause

Second Annual Mayor’s Ball Draws Business World for Good Cause

Evening dresses, champagne and chamber music …Some 450 guests from the business world participated in the second annual Mayor’s Ball, which was held recently at the luxurious Chateau Frontenac.

For the second year in a row, people dressed in their best clothes for the benefit of the Québec Youth Foundation. The event, which raised $200,000 last year, was back with ambition. The proceeds raised will be distributed to eight organizations that serve the youth of Québec. Régis Labeaume, mayor of Quebec City, emphasizes that the organizations have established creative ways to combat youth dropping out of school early, or in other words, to ensure that retention improves.

The Mayor’s Ball, which has grown in popularity since last year, had already been full in June. Because the waiting list has grown, there was no choice but to raise the prices of the tables this year. On a positive note, the more expensive tables make it much easier to raise substantial amounts for the organizations. The president of the Board of Directors of the Québec Youth Foundation, André Morissette, was pleased that the business community has taken to the event so well. The immediate response from a large population is seen as extremely positive.

Yvon Charest, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Industrial Alliance, held the title of honorary president of the evening. His company contributed a whopping $ 50,000 to the event. The people who attended the night will give the young members of the community a chance to be helped in their time of need. Mr. Charest expressed that he believes many of the attendants have received help along their business paths and he was very pleased that so many of them wish to give back to the community.

The entertainment of the evening was given by comedian Jean-Michel Anctil, who is also spokesman for the Québec Youth Foundation. He has been involved in the matters of school dropout causes for over 10 years. Mr. Anctil hopes that the Mayor’s ball becomes an annual gathering for the cause.

Opera singer Natalie Choquette was busy entertaining the guests during the meal.
At this particular moment, the total sum raised throughout the evening has not been released.

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