Semaine québécoise de l’orientation 2012

Semaine québécoise de l’orientation 2012

Submitted by Heather Croft

The Semaine québécoise de l’orientation 2012 will be held this year from November 4th to 10th under the theme Pour un travail à ma mesure (For a job that suits me).

The FORT Program (Back-to-work training and orientation) of the Valcartier Family Center, offering employment and guidance counseling services  to CF members’ spouses and children, Reservists, Ex-military members and Anglophones from the civilian community, decided to highlight the event. 

You are invited to participate in our workshop, “Taking Control of My Work Situation and Bouncing Back”, which will take place on November 6th from 9:00 to 11:00 am in Valcartier (in French) and on November 8th from 1:30 to 3:00 pm in Sainte-Foy (in English).

This workshop will help you assess your actual situation regarding work and answer these questions: “Why change? What should be changed? How to change? Why not change?” You will leave with an action plan to help you go further in your process and be able to bounce back in your professional life. Please register now by calling 418-844-6060 (Valcartier) or 418-649-6505 (Sainte-Foy).

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