Seven years fighting an expropriation claim

Seven years fighting an expropriation claim

Beauceville (Quebec) 3 December 2014 – The tenders have gone out by the Quebec Government to attract construction companies to finish the four lane highway towards the town of St. Georges in the Beauce region.

The section of highway 73 from Beauceville to St.Georges is the last section of the Beauce autoroute left to be finished.

There is however a problem that has been going on for seven years which, has hampered the expansion of the road and its construction.

A woman in Beauceville, José Bilodeau, is not happy with the offer the government has made to expropriate a part of her land in order to allow the highway to be extended.

She has been in court battles for seven years trying to make it clear to the government that unless I say it’s OK, you won’t use my land.

She has even gone to the point of comparing the arrogance of the government to that of China.

The land is classified as an agricultural zone, but the province took measures to change the zoning law in order to build the road.

Mme Bilodeau contested the rezoning law and won.

She now not only wants a fair payment for her land, she also wants to be reimbursed by the government for the cost of going to court and all the expense it cost her.

She also claims that just because the tenders have gone out doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere.

She will be back in court on the 8th of January to fight for her compensation fees.

In the meantime, the government has stated they will start building the new section of highway in 2015 with the work being finished in 2016.

Whether or not there will be a curve in the road to avoid Mme Bilodeau’s property remains to be seen but, obviously her fight isn’t over yet.

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