Severance Pay for Former Premiers Under Scrutiny

Severance Pay for Former Premiers Under Scrutiny

Quebec City (Quebec) 22 May 2015 – Ex-premier Pauline Marois raised eyebrows when it was announced she had financed a study on Québec City’s media culture. The study was done by a former PQ member for the sum of $24,500 in public money, and while Mme Marois insists the study’s results will be useful for all future politicians working in Québec City’s unique media context, the study has been regarded as questionably useful by some. This brings to light that, in Québec, a premier who lost their election is entitled to $200,000 a year for three years. The former premier also gets to keep a chauffeur/ bodyguard for the same period, also paid by public funds.

The present premier, Philippe Couillard has promised to re-evaluate the amount a former premier can receive and vows to reduce the compensation by a considerable amount. M. Couillard initiated the study by the province’s general secretary, Juan Roberto Iglesias, the day after he was elected, as he had promised. Jean Charest, ex-Liberal premier has so far billed the province for about $350,000 dollars since he left office.

The money is supplied with the intention of helping any ex-premier get re-established in a new vocation, since technically they become unemployed. How the money is used is up to the discretion of the recipient, but is allocated for things like office rental, furniture purchases for a new office and or anything else that the individual may need to re-establish a career.

So far nothing has changed, but the report will be published soon. As for the chauffeur/bodyguard, the government feels that the service is not exaggerated and that it serves as a security measure for an ex-premier. M. Couillard also noted that Mme Marois faced an assassination attempt the very night she was elected.

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