Severance pay for Quebec politicians becoming an issue

Severance pay for Quebec politicians becoming an issue

Quebec City (Quebec) 28 August 2015 – The question of who gets severance pay and for what reason is becoming a hot topic in provincial government circles. With the recent resignation of two Liberal backbenchers, who will both be handed severance pay packages, the question of fairness as to how much they should be allocated, and or if at all, has the party questioning the practice.

Pierre Moreau, the minister for municipal affaires, suggests that there should probably be a committee set up to decide what amount of money should be allocated to a politician who resigns from their post rather than have the present automatic payout system, which has been in place for years.

In 2013 a board was set up by an ex supreme court judge, Claire L’Heureux-Dubé to examine a different process for remunerating politicians who quit their jobs. Her solution to the problem was to have those deputies compensated, only if they leave for health reasons or for serious family problems, otherwise no severance.

Pierre Moreau is a bit more lenient by adding a compassion clause, probably meaning the deputy no longer believes in his party.

Whatever comes out of the discussions, it’s good to see a government at least examining the situation, as it has become an important issue for a government who is trying to save money in every ministry it controls.

It is public money after all, and just because someone decides to leave his job, shouldn’t mean he goes home with a big pay check, a practice which doesn’t exist in the private sector.

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