Severe case of domestic violence leads to accusations of attempted murder

Severe case of domestic violence leads to accusations of attempted murder

Quebec City (Quebec) 5 February 2015 – A case of domestic violence has surfaced recently between a husband and wife which ended up with the husband, M. Abdel Cherif 34, being accused of assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm and making death threats.

On January 28, police received a call from a distraught woman, they rushed to the scene to find her crumpled on the floor holding her 11 month old baby in her arms.

When the dispute first started M. Cherif had punched his wife in the face causing her to run to a neighbour’s house. When she returned to her place she immediately hid all the knives in the house because her husband had threatened to cut her throat like a sheep.

Police had been called to the same residence last year in June for a similar confrontation when the same woman was suffering from punches to her body, cuts and a swollen face.

After a few weeks the woman dropped the charges hoping to give her husband a second chance.

In this most recent event, there had been a significant joust between the couple just two days before the attack, about whether or not the woman could send her child to a daycare centre while she took French lessons. Her husband preferred she stay home and look after their child.

The woman in question came to Quebec to join her husband in 2013, doesn’t speak much French and had been home looking after their child.

M. Cherif has been held behind bars since the incident under orders from the judge and will stay there until his hearing takes place.

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