Shannon residents not happy

Shannon residents not happy

At a recent Town Hall meeting in Shannon, a town just north of Quebec City, there were outcries from about half the citizens in attendance about the hiring of a new finance director for the town.

The man in question is Gaétan Bussières, who was recently fired from another adjacent town because of gross misconduct, and illegalities.

Mayor Clive Kiley had already hired Bussières even before the meeting had taken place, but had to consult the citizens before announcing it. It was the largest turnout at a Town Hall meeting in over 40 years and it got loud and rambunctious as half the people supported the Mayor’s decision and the other half were against it. Kiley defended himself by saying that Bussières was the best man for the job and that any past problems would not be repeated in his new functions in Shannon.

The debate got so heated up that the provincial Police were called in for security measures.

In the end, a vote was taken which ended up 3 against 3 with Kiley taking the tie breaking vote to finally hire M. Bussière, saying that the town’s director will be keeping a close eye on his new financial director and making sure he earns his $72,000 salary honestly and without any misconduct activities.
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