Shore Power System Installed at the Port of Québec for Cruise Ships

Shore Power System Installed at the Port of Québec for Cruise Ships

Quebec City (Quebec) 2 August 2015 – Various government agents involved in the growth of the Port of Quebec announced today that new funding would be made available for the installation of shore power at the Port of Quebec.

Shore power is a highly effective method to reduce air emissions from diesel engines. It improves the quality of the ambient air by enabling ships to shut down their engines and connect to the grid in order to get the power they need when they are moored.

“The Port of Quebec plays a leading role in the development of international cruise whose economic benefits are reflected in all of Québec. The addition of such equipment, allowing ships to use electricity instead of consuming fuel oil, will help to further strengthen its drawing power and overall product quality of international cruises, a market in full growth in Québec,” says the Minister of Tourism of Québec.

The project will purchase and develop of infrastructure for power supply to docked cruise ships at Pointe-à-Carcy.

Total reductions of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) resulting from this project are expected to reach several thousand tonnes annually.

“We are proud to invest in shore power at the Port of Quebec. In addition to environmental benefits, shore power should positively contribute to tourism and job creation. The new shore power system will enable the Port of Quebec to preserve and expand thereafter cruise activities by allowing the port to remain competitive with other ports offering this service,” says Miniester of Economic Development Denis Lebel.

The total project cost is $13.5 million. The Government of Canada will provide up to $5 million as part of its Shore Power Technology for Ports Program. The Quebec government will contribute $5.1 million, split between $3 million from the Department of Transportation and $2.1 million in the Ministry of Tourism. The Quebec Port Authority will supply the remaining $ 3.4 million.

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