Should English be compulsory in grade 6 in Quebec?

Should English be compulsory in grade 6 in Quebec?

Quebec City (Quebec) 28 August, 2014 – The debate as to whether or not English should be compulsory or optional is on the table again this school year. A compulsory course means the students would have no other choice but to attend the intensive class in the last year of their elementary school year.

The Quebec Government wants to make the course obligatory for all school boards but, in the present system each school has the right to decide if they will offer the course and whether or not it would be compulsory. The Premier of the Province supports the idea and says his department will change the Public Education Instruction Law if an agreement cannot be reached between the Superior Education Advisory Board and the Government.

What’s important in the debate is not whether the courses are offered, either obligatory or optional, but the ability to actually be able to carry through with the plan. The Advisory Board is concerned that not all schools will necessarily have the capability, or the right conditions, to deliver the courses in a satisfactory fashion. This in turn could jeopardize the success of the program.

Most people and schools agree that it is a good idea but, the implementation is where the challenge comes in, and the tools and or personnel are not yet in place.


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