Should girls be allowed to play hockey with boys?

Should girls be allowed to play hockey with boys?

Quebec City (Quebec) 20 March 2015 – There is a 17-year old bantam female hockey player who would prefer to play on a boys team rather than be restricted to playing only with other female counterparts and she’s hoping that Hockey Québec will change its ruling on the matter in the coming year. Hockey Québec wants the girls to be restricted to playing on girl’s teams only.

Ninon Juan, who plays on a midget B female team in Charlesbourg, Québec wants to be able to show her stuff by playing on a regular boys team which she says is way more challenging, and a lot more fun.

By staying on a female team she feels her talent cannot be exploited as easily as it would if she could compete on a masculine level.

She also states that playing only on a female level, forces her and her parents to travel to faraway places because of the limited number of female teams. If she were to play in a boy’s league, there would be more home games and she would not have to travel great distances just to compete at a mediocre level of hockey.

Ninon has started a petition to rally players and parents to her cause and in one week she has gathered over 550 signatures.

Her reasoning is shared by many, and there appears to be a movement in the works to get the best players competing against the guys making the challenge more interesting for those girls who want more aggressive hockey.

So far, Hockey Québec is not commenting on the matter and is not ready to proclaim whether or not they are for or against the proposal put forward by Ms. Juan and her supporters.

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