Should Politicians be Applauding When in Session?

Should Politicians be Applauding When in Session?

Quebec City (Quebec) 21 August 2015 – In an exclusive interview with Le Soleil newspaper out of Québec City, a member of the National Assembly, François Gendron, who was at one time deputy Premier of the province, suggested that applauding each others’ achievements during question period or during any session of parliamentary procedures should be restrained or reserved for more serious matters rather than just applauding everyday decisions. He claims the applauding promotes partisanship and claims that applauding should be reserved for the theater and not for blue room performances.

M. Gendron, a member of the Parti Québecois, suggests that not only should the clapping be put to rest, but the bickering between party leaders should also be toned down. Leaders and members of both parties tend to interrupt or talk-over their opponents which hinders the discussions that take place in the assembly.

What M. Gendron is really looking for is a more respectful, professional attitude from all party members when it comes to debates and or voting procedures. The lack of respect between parliamentarians in the blue room is quite often immature according to M. Gendron. He would like to see a more productive and more serious dialogue and cites that talking over someone else is not only distracting but also shows a lack of discipline and professionalism.

There is one other Parti Québecois member, Sylvain Pagé, who agrees with M. Gendron and has for some time now refused to applaud anyone during question period.

M. Gendron has been re-elected repeatedly in his Abitibi-West riding since 1976, and has held several ministry posts such as Agriculture, Natural resources and Education during his 49 year political career.

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