Should Quebec nurses be allowed to prescribe medication?

Should Quebec nurses be allowed to prescribe medication?

Quebec City (Quebec) 31 March 2015 – With all the changes going on in the health care system in Quebec these days, the Fédération interprofessionelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ) is suggesting that perhaps some of its members could prescribe certain medication to patients who are suffering from common ailments for which most nurses know the requirements involved concerning what medication is needed.

The plan, which already exists in Ontario, would allow selected health workers to prescribe drugs to those patients who are in need of certain medication on a regular basis. The chosen nurses or super nurses as some people are calling them, would all have permission from doctors and could be certified as health assistants, permitting them to diagnose and write-up prescriptions as required. This would allow for doctors to concentrate more on the serious cases rather than making rounds to nursing homes on a regular basis simply to renew existing prescriptions for example.

A good proportion of the population in Quebec doesn’t have a family doctor, but most of their medical history is recorded when visiting a clinic or CLSC allowing anyone who has permission to consult the patient’s files and perhaps determine without calling in a doctor what medication would be required, especially if it is a recurring symptom.

The FIQ wants a law which would allow these super nurses to react to patients needs in a professional and caring fashion, which could alleviate a lot of overload on doctors. The FIQ represents 65,000 medical personnel who take their jobs very seriously and feel that by allowing certain members to get more involved would only help to improve the provincial health care system.

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