Should riding the bus be free in Quebec City?

Should riding the bus be free in Quebec City?

RTC_MetrobusThere’s a group of people in Quebec City who think we should all be able to ride the public transit system for free. The group, who call themselves “Subvercité”, consider riding the transit system to be a “social right equal for all”, that every citizen should have available to them. They also state on their web and Facebook page (Collectif Subvercité)that free access would probably double the usage of the public system solving the problem of traffic, pollution, and rush hour traffic jams. Naturally most people would agree with the theory but, in reality it would be almost impossible financially for the city.

The RTC (Réseau de Transport de la Capitale) finds the whole idea quite preposterous and completely out of the question stating that one third of the budget in their operating costs is covered by the sale of tickets and passes. The General Manager of the RTC claims that $70 million dollars is collected annually through those sales and that if busses were free, the Government would have to compensate for the amount somewhere else, meaning taxes would have to be gathered elsewhere to make up for the difference and nobody wants more taxes in a province that is already one of the heaviest taxed in Canada.

The ideology of free fare transit is not unique to Quebec City, as Toronto and Vancouver both have similar movements with the same promotional backgrounds and reasoning but, whether or not anything will ever become of the idea is for the moment, up for grabs.

What do you think?
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